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Chinese medicine is a pre-scientific system of thought and practice developed over thousands of years. It is a form of logical, rational thinking alien to the west because it is deeply rooted in a philosophy that has developed its own perception of the body, health, and disease.

Most of what we know of Chinese Medicine was developed by the early Taoist Monks.
A key tool of analysis and organization, codified by the Monks, is called the Five Phases or Elements Theory. The concept of Universal Harmony was and is very important to the Taoists and the fundamental processes of the universe were considered a good basis for understanding the world and all that exists on it. Five Element Theory is an attempt to classify existence according to these processes.

Through both observation and theorizing, numerous correspondences were discovered. Things as diverse as compass directions, taste, human organs, sounds, grains, emotions, animals, and stages of growth were found to have something in common. They were associated in discernible patterns; The Five Phases. Being naturalist philosophers the Taoists took the names of the categories of correspondence from nature. The Five Elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.

It’s a short jump from the principle of the inter-connectedness of all things to the principle that all things contain a microcosm of the universe. Being a part of the universe, man contains a microcosm of it. Man, therefore, embodies the fundamental processes of the universe; AKA The Five Phases or Elements. This being the case man can be analyzed according to the Five Elements.

For those of you who are new to these practices and teachings, we invite you to explore the site and hopefully, take the first step on a journey of new discovery.

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